Tortosa holds The Renaissance Festivity in its magnificent old part of the city. Every third week of July, this city gives its visitors the opportunity to experience the Renaissance through their senses and stroll around a 16th-century city as if time had never gone by.

More than 500 actors and actresses, 60 different shows, 3000 walk-ons in period costumes flood the streets and squares of the city with their music, merriment and colour. The streets get packed with stalls and taverns, which serve traditional fare.

Tortosa, once the capital of an important and large territory, shows its former pride and glory through its government, businesses, customs and traditions, and gastronomy. The banners, with the flag of the county of Tortosa, bring the public back to its 16th-century grandness. Tortosa is a city whose history has always been linked to the Ebro River, which has meant an exit to the Mediterranean Sea as well as an opening to the rest of the world.

Its grandeur is shown along the narrow and winding streets of the historical centre of the town, and it reaches its summit with the Parade of the Weapons, which commemorates the county of Tortosa and the city itself. The government, the armies of defence, representatives of the different quarters and guilds, craftsmen, traders and merchants, citizens and entertainers, all parade through the city.

The city goes back to the past, the inhabitants decorate and embellish streets and facades with plants and flowers, wall-hangings, flags, torches and candles. The everyday life, pomp and circumstance of a typical 16th-century town are the script, while the people of Tortosa become the actors in a traditional 16th-century scenery.
9th Renaissance Festival. The grandness of a 16th-century city. From the 22nd to the 25th of July, 2004

10th Renaissance festival. The 10th anniversary of the festival. From the 21st to the 24th of July, 2005

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